Double Exposure Blackjack Tips

Microgaming online casinos offer a blackjack variant called Double Exposure. In this game, both the pocket cards of the dealer are placed face up, hence the name Double Exposure.

Double Exposure Rules

The player is of course given an amazing advantage, so the playing field is leveled through a tweaking of the rules. Blackjack only pays even money; all ties are won by the dealer except for a tied blackjack. Tied blackjacks are won by the player, which is a further advantage to the player. The dealer having to hit on a soft 17 is another significant rule. Moving the cursor over the Rules icon in the top left hand corner of the screen will reveal the other rules.

Double Exposure Strategy

The way the cards are dealt in this game is very similar to that of other blackjack games. The first card is dealt to the player, then the dealer receives his first card, then the player gets his second card and finally the dealer's second card is dealt. All cards are placed face up. Moves are then made by the player; he can hit or stand and also split or double if allowed. The optimum strategy for Double Exposure blackjack is generated through computer simulation. However, this is a complicated strategy which is almost impossible to learn. Therefore, one of the most important Double Exposure tips is that players need to use the strategy card provided by Microgaming.

Expert Mode

The strategy card is only accessible in the Expert Mode and therefore players should only play blackjack in this mode; it can be activated by clicking the Expert button in the bottom tool bar. When it is a player's turn to make a move, he should take note of his and the dealer's hand totals before clicking on the Strategy button. The regular game table gets covered by the strategy card when it's displayed.

Players can also use the strategy card automatically with the Auto Play feature. The Auto Play feature is only accessible in the Expert Mode. Players activate it by clicking the Auto Play button. If playing Double Exposure gets boring, try the slots .