Free Play Online Casinos

In order to attract new players and to promote many of their services, several online casinos offer free play options. Players can enjoy limited games at their favorite online casinos without signing for a membership or depositing any money to bet. While players usually can't win any money with these free play options, they can take advantage of some free entertainment and see what the fuss is all about.

Trial Offerings

Many of the casinos that require players to download software to access their games, allow new players to use trial memberships to test out the games. Players will visit the casino website and download a trial version of their game software. Most of these trial versions lack the most exciting features of the premium games, but they can give players a good idea of what the games are all about. The trial software may only be available for a certain number of games or a limited amount of time, but players should by then know whether or not they want to sign up for the real thing.

No Download Options

Some of the other online casinos offer instant play games for free. These instant play games do not require players to download any software and can be played right in the player's computer browser. Using Java or Flash-based software, players stream the games directly from the casino and can try out a number of different games. Like their download counterparts, most of these games are available only as limited versions of the full games.

Most of the players who try the online casino free play options will eventually sign up for the paid versions or begin betting real money on their favorite games.